Auckland East Arts Council Inc, organises various tutored workshops each year for its members and their friends to attend.

These are usually a one-day event and range from professional art Tutoring to guidance and informal tutoring by experienced artists.

Recent topics have included Live portrait sessions, Life Drawing, Watercolour, Pastel, Charcoal, Acrylics, Print making/Monoprinting.
Auckland East Arts Council Inc, also organises Demonstrations of Art materials, these sessions are provided by art material suppliers and have included watercolours, papers, brushes, as well as acrylic paints, mediums, gels, polymers, inks, primers and canvases.

Costume Tableaux

Costume Tableaux are a annual and possibly unique event that is organised by Auckland East Arts Council Inc, for its members and their friends to attend and enjoy. The tableau involves live models and static mannequins dressed in a different theme each year and has included themes such as:
Imperial Rome, Medieval, Egyptian, 1930’s Ginger Rogers Style, Dressed for Dinner Downton Abbey style, 1920’s French Cafe, and many more.
These are a one-day event and those attending enjoy the opportunity to sketch, or draw with pastels, other dry media or watercolours or whatever they are most comfortable with and a short photography session is included towards the end of the event.

Other Events

From time to time Auckland East Arts Council Inc organises visits to Galleries, and film previews at local cinemas when an appropriate film is being screened.
Occasionally Auckland East Arts Council Inc, has organised for members and friends to spend a day to ‘paint in a private garden’ which has produced sketches and inspiration for works to be completed later.

A mid-winter luncheon is held in early July each year and an End-of-year get-together in early December involves a bring-a-plate shared luncheon and a chance for members to display a sample of their work created during the past year.



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